The customer may, at his / her choice, enter the purchases made by credit or debit card, PayPal, cash on delivery or prepayment by bank transfer. The amount must be exactly equal to the purchase, shipping included.



    Credit card.

The "Tot Porter" store allows: Mastercard, Visa credit and Visa debit. The total amount of your purchase, including shipping costs and VAT, will be charged to your credit card at the time of completing the order completion process. Subsequently, a confirmation of receipt of the order will be sent. If you cancel your order prior to the shipment, we will enter the charge.


We use your credit or debit card details only while we process your order. Once the transaction is finished, this data is destroyed. All payments by card use a secure server that guarantees the confidentiality of personal data traveling through the network using cryptographic techniques.

For security reasons and to avoid possible fraud, in certain cases, we may need additional checks. We will contact you by phone or by email to request necessary documentation. You must provide us the photocopies within 48 hours to validate your order. We are sorry for the inconvenience that this process may cause you but with these measures we protect the security of your credit cards.


    Cash on delivery


"Tot Porter" protects the data it collects from its customers through passwords. The data transmitted during the use of this website is sent using SSL encryption technologies, thus guaranteeing the security with respect to the protection of personal data as provided by current legislation.


Although "Tot Porter" reasonably tries to establish a secure environment for hiring, we can not guarantee the complete security of the information since the usual measures are not unbreakable, a circumstance that the user expressly accepts.

For all these reasons, we recommend that you take the necessary measures to protect your personal data when you are surfing the Internet. We also recommend that you change your passwords regularly, by using combinations of letters and numbers. Also, use a secure browser.


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