Shipping and returns

1.- Totporter has contracted its shipping system with the Post Office and DHL. A service based on the trust and security given by these large international distribution companies.

IMPORTANT: If an anomaly is detected upon receipt of the shipment, this must be stated in the signature of the delivery note. Otherwise Totporter is not responsible for this anomaly.

2.- Totporter will make changes or returns, as long as you give prior communication, via email, fax, or telephone call to Totporter. We will tell you how to proceed with the return.

2.1 The circumstances that may cause a return are:

- That the product does not meet your expectations, the return or exchange for another product is accepted, the expenses being borne by you.

- That the product is defective. Once checked by Totporter, you will receive another at no cost.

- That the product sent is different from the one requested. You will receive the correct one without any shipping costs.

IMPORTANT Totporter will not return the amount or make any forwarding of material until we have verified in our facilities the receipt and perfect condition of the packaging of the item subject to return or exchange.